MiniPID 2 PID sensor

0-40 ppm range, 1 ppb sensitivity, 10.6 eV lamp

Designed for OEMs, we manufacture and supply more photoionisation detection (PID) sensors than any other company in the world with our sensor technology trusted by major gas detection manufacturers, globally.

Our patented Fence Electrode Technology is proven to resist humidity and contamination, giving you outstanding results when detecting volatile organic compounds (VOCs) within the most challenging environments.

MiniPID 2 is a simple plug-and-play sensor able to deliver a dynamic and dependable response to thousands of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) across many diverse applications.

The sensor is designed for both diffusive and in-line pumped sampling, delivering an exceptional response time and clear down. MiniPID 2 incorporates lamps of exceptional brightness and stability enabling detection of less volatile and less readily sensed compounds reliably, over an extended period of time.

MiniPID 2 detection ranges

PPM MiniPID 2: range 0 – 40 ppm with 1 ppb sensitivity
This PPM variant is used for wide range, part per million (ppm) measurements between 0.001 and 40 ppm (isobutylene equivalent). This sensor is configured specifically for dynamic response to VOCs at elevated concentrations allowing for greater accuracy and repeatability.

Key Features

  • Humidity-resistance
  • 10,000 hours continuous lamp life
  • Anti-contamination design
  • 10.6 eV lamp
  • Removable, pneumatically sealed sensing electrode stack
  • Series 4/A1 format
  • 12- month warranty (not including stacks)
  • Expected life > 5 years
  • Manufactured in the UK

What’s included

The MiniPID 2 sensor are virtually insensitive to humidity changes, providing unparalleled performance in a variety of applications.

A MiniPID 2 assemblies include:

  • MiniPID 2 sensor
  • Photo ionisation lamp
  • Electrode stack
  • Spring

Technical Specification


Target gasesVOCs with ionisation potentials below 10.6 eV
Minimum detection limit1 ppb
Typical sensitivity50 mV/ppm
T90 response time3 seconds
Warm up time10 minutes
Offset voltage60 – 80 mV
Filter lifetime1 year
Operating life> 5 years
Position sensitivityNone
Onboard filterHydrophobic, removes particulates and liquids
Error state signal (diagnostics)< 50 mV
Weight< 8 g
Package typeSeries-4 package size, 3-pin interface
Serviceable partsElectrode stack, lamp, spring
Warranty period12 months
Recommended storage conditions10 – 30 °C, ≤95 %RH (no dew condensation)

Intrinsic Safety

Safety certificationULCSA & ATEXATEXNon-certified
Supply voltage3.0 – 3.6 V unregulated3.6 – 10 V regulated3.6 – 18 V regulated


CLASS1, DIV1 Groups ABCD, Conforms to UL STD. 913
Certified to CSA STD. C22.2 No 157
-40 °C < Ta < +55 °C @ 1.1W (65 °C @ 0.9W

Video Support

Video Support – MiniPID 2 PID sensor


The following accessories are available for the MiniPID 2 PID sensor.
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